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Facultad de Ciencias de la
Actividad Física y del Deporte



Thank you for your interest in executing a stay/visit in the Department of Health and Human Performance, of the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences (INEF), what belongs to the Technical University of Madrid. The purpose of this letter is to inform you about our requirements and action protocols:

Information for pre-doctoral students/researchers/visitors:

Your stay can have educational, research or mixed objective, but in any case the management of the visits will be made through the Department of Health and Human Performance.

We are pleased to welcome visitors for short stays/visits at any time of the academic year (September 1st to June 30th). The number of visitor spaces will depend on the number of applications requested at the same moment. The laboratories in where the stay can be done are:

Exercise Physiology Laboratory (+34 91 336 40 70):

Sports Biomechanics Laboratory (+34 91 336 41 21):

Biochemistry Laboratory (+34 91 336 40 04):

• Centre for Inclusive Sport Studies (CEDI)  (+34 91 336 41 40):

From the Department we can provide for the interested student/researcher a letter of invitation to the center to execute the stay with us, but the financing of the travel, such as the accommodation, the transportation or the alimentation must be borne by the visitor. On the other hand, if our intermediation can help to obtain funding, do not hesitate contact us and ask for the documentation requested. We can provide sources/ web links to look for accommodation, but the search is the responsibility of the visitor. The visitor must tell each responsible person of the laboratory the areas of interest and the teacher, who would like to collaborate with, as well as the proposed dates and the duration of the visit.

The visiting researchers will be required a project proposal and they will be only accepted if it meets one of the objectives of the various areas of interest of the Department. In case the researcher wants to make a different project from the ones in progress in ours laboratories, the student/researcher may be required to finance the project in advance, during the application stage.

Students/researchers admitted for a stay in the Department, they will be able to enter the building, the library and the computer network.

Conditions of stay / visit

• The student/visiting researcher must submit during the application stage a memory with the objectives to complete during the stay, which must be specific and realistic.
• The student/visiting researcher agrees to develop an activity of 7-8 hours per day from Monday to Friday, during the whole period of the stay/visit.
• The student/visiting researcher agrees to carry out the tasks assigned by the responsible person of the Laboratory.
• The student/visiting researcher agrees to submit publications according to the rules of the correspondent journal.

Knowledge of languages

Those students/ visiting researchers interested in a stay in the Department will be required to demonstrate good level of Spanish or English languages. The Laboratories or the Department do not undertake to provide language classes, neither will it be the explicit reason of the acceptance of a visitor.

Documentation Required

  1. Application form for a stay in the Department (Appendix 1).
  2. Memory of the project to be performed during the visit (only for visiting researchers).
  3. Curriculum vitae.
  4. Two letters of recommendation from the center of origin.
  5. Evidence of funding for the stay/visit.

This document aims to promote the use and utilization of the laboratories for the students or visitors, feel free to request additional information from any responsible person of the Laboratory or the Department.

Application form (Appendix 1)